Theoretical Foundation Framework

We believe all youth should have access to achieve success in life.

About Us


Established in 2016 the Sunshine Open Door Foundation (SOD Foundation) is a tribute to the legacy of giving and investing in others of Elizabeth “Sunshine” Brooks, the matriarch of the Brooks family of Fort Worth, Texas. Sunshine was a beacon of light, and provided all of the things sunshine brings into your life, warmth, protection, growth, energy, inspiration and support to her family and community. If not for her open door policy and benevolent spirit, many people in her family and community would have been forced to enter the foster care system.  Due to her giving spirit on her 91st birthday the City of Fort Worth officially declared August 21st Elizabeth Sunshine Brooks Day.

Our goal with the SOD Foundation is to continue her legacy of investing in others and to be the “Sunshine” for those who did not grow up with sunshine in their lives.


Our Mission

To provide assistance to young adults transitioning from the foster care system with life-skills, training, support and mentorship that will help them successfully transition into independence.

Our Beliefs

We believe every young person given access to opportunities and consistent support can reach boundless possibilities. Together we can ignite hope and help build resilience.

Our Guiding Values

Hope - We believe hope is the key to creativity and success. We strive to instill hope and vision in young people to inspire and motivate them.

Compassion - We believe compassion is the pathway to trust and engagement.

Possibilities - We believe all youth given opportunities and support can have limitless possibilities.

Opportunities - We believe that all youth should have access to the resources and tools required to live a healthy successful life.